Alumni Council

Honoring the past. Building the future.

The Buffalo Prep Alumni Council (BPAC) is an advisory council comprised of alumni from throughout Buffalo Prep’s history. The BPAC oversees and provides non-binding, strategic advice to the Board of Directors on matters relating to alumni relations and the networking and mentoring activities among alumni of Buffalo Prep. The purpose of the BPAC is to strengthen intergenerational relationships between Buffalo Prep alumni, provide a resource for networking, engage and leverage the capital from Buffalo Prep alumni, and lift the voices and experiences of Buffalo Prep alum to help inform programming. From this work, Prep hopes to generate a tactical understanding of how to strengthen the connection between alumni and local young professionals of color to Buffalo’s business community in this current era of economic and social renaissance.

Mission Statement

The Buffalo Prep Alumni Council is dedicated to creating a welcoming fellowship among Buffalo Prep alumni and fostering an environment where active support, mentoring, and networking exist.  It serves to leverage the alumni network to uplift all alumni and educate our current Preppies on the value they hold.

Vision Statement

To help Buffalo Prep Alumni achieve success and make an impact on Buffalo Prep and beyond.

General membership of the BPAC is open to all alumni of Buffalo Prep who support the purpose and mission of the Buffalo Prep Alumni Council.

Membership in the BPAC extends the following benefits including but not limited to:

  • Membership rates to attend Buffalo Prep events
  • Access to BPAC initiatives, newsletters, and social media communications regarding upcoming events, mentorship opportunities, etc.
  • Opportunities to assist in the planning and marketing of certain events and programs overseen by BPAC

2023-2024 Advisory Board of Alumni Council

Chair: Matthew Becton, 01
Vice Chair: Eishawn Camp, ’96
Recording Secretary: Sarah Washington, ’04
Corresponding Secretary: Monique Cooper, ’04
Treasurer: Francisco Guzmán II, ’11
Deidre Batson-Griggs, ’99
Lysette Vazquez-Moore, ’13