As entering freshmen, Buffalo Prep students receive nearly


in scholarships and financial aid from colleges and universities.

Illuminating brilliance.

Buffalo Prep is not a school, but a school of thought. We believe in educational equity. We believe in racial justice. We believe in our scholars and in their potential to change the world. Through rigorous academic programming, Buffalo Prep scholars have the opportunity to turn knowledge into power. While they’re putting in the extra hours in the classroom, we’re putting in the work to build a more inclusive, equitable, and just community around them.

We have grown exponentially since our founding in 1989 and now serve over 750 Western New York students and alumni throughout our unique pipeline of programs, Prep Scholars Academy, Middle School Prep, High School PrepCollege Prep & Rising to Distinction and Alumni Prep.

Turning knowledge into power

For our scholars, the future is bright. As they strive toward their most vivid, authentic selves, they become shining examples of what happens when we don’t settle for mediocrity. We are Buffalo Prep, and we are illuminating brilliance – for our scholars, for our community, for our future.

Hard work is key as long as you have balance. You need to work smart and efficiently so that you can reach your goals without missing out on life.

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It costs Buffalo Prep approximately


to send one student through
all of its programs.

Unwavering community support

As an education nonprofit organization, Buffalo Prep does not charge tuition costs or receive government support. Therefore, community support is crucial to the success of our program. You can support Buffalo Prep in a number of ways, from donating and sponsorship opportunities to volunteering for our Mentor Me Program.

Become a part of it

Do you know a student who would want to participate in Buffalo Prep? Whether you’re a teacher, a school counselor, a parent, or a friend from the community, we invite you to nominate a student and encourage that student to apply now.


Buffalo Prep Scholars spend
over 2,000 hours in summer
and after-school enrichment.

Buffalo Prep 2023 Impact Report

As we commemorate Buffalo Prep’s 35th Anniversary, discover the impactful journeys and the difference we’ve made together over the decades.  Our 2023 Impact Report not only reflects on our evolution but also shares inspiring stories from alumni across all our programs.  Explore the full report to connect with Buffalo Prep’s past, present, and future.