Middle School Prep

Middle School Prep is an accelerated program offered the summers after fifth and sixth grade and on Saturdays throughout the seventh grade academic year. Students learn in a safe, caring, encouraging, and supervised educational environment.

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During the summers following fifth and sixth grades, students attend classes approximately eight hours per day, Monday through Friday, for five consecutive weeks.

Students receive rigorous accelerated subject matter that is aligned with the New York State Eighth Grade Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. In addition, students develop competencies in problem solving, writing, scientific inquiry, critical thinking, time management, technology, and academic skills (e.g., note-taking, active reading, daily review, and test preparation).

Extended enrichment

The Middle School Prep program also includes an extended enrichment opportunity that is open to students who have successfully completed the summer program. It convenes for 27 Saturdays from 9am to 3pm throughout the seventh grade academic school year.

The focus on the program’s year-round component is to increase academic skills and improve developmental assets in order to instill academic confidence and a love of learning among motivated students. The expanded Middle School Prep program also serves as an enhancement to the education that students are receiving in their schools and provides the support and enrichment necessary to ensure academic success during the middle school years and beyond.

Middle School Prep staff

Stephanie Adams
Middle School Prep Director

Linda Alegria
Middle School Prep Mathematics Teacher

Jason Dorman
Middle School Prep Science Teacher

Carol-Sue Stapleton
Middle School Prep Research and Technology Teacher

Sarah Wright
Middle School Prep English Language Arts Teacher

Jennifer Zebrowski-Young
Middle School Prep Science Teacher

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