Middle School Prep

Middle School Prep provides talented underrepresented students from across Western
New York with accelerated academic enrichment during the crucial middle school years to prepare students for success in college preparatory high schools and higher
education.  Middle School Prep takes place at Nichols Middle School the summers after
5th and 6th grades and continues for eligible students on Saturdays throughout the 7th
grade year at the University at Buffalo South Campus.

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Buffalo Prep’s culturally relevant-sustaining philosophy is centered around three pillars: academic excellence, cultural competence, and critical consciousness.  Culturally relevant and sustaining curricula seek to encourage and incorporate a breadth of heritages, languages, practices, and literacies in the classroom so that students see themselves in the material and are empowered.

During the summers following fifth and sixth grades, Middle School Prep students attend classes approximately eight hours per day, Monday through Friday, for five consecutive weeks.

Students receive rigorous accelerated subject matter in four core classes: English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  At Buffalo Prep, we recognize that a student’s academic abilities and accomplishments are only one aspect of thriving as a student and individual.  During L.I.F.E. class, students focus on social-emotional wellness, professional skills, and other non-academic topics necessary for health, happiness, and success in the 21st century school and workplace.  In addition, students develop competencies in problem solving, writing, scientific inquiry, critical thinking, time management, technology, and academic skills.

Extended enrichment

The Middle School Prep program also includes an extended enrichment opportunity that is open to students who have successfully completed the summer program. It convenes for 27 Saturdays from 9am to 2pm throughout the seventh grade academic school year.

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