Buffalo Prep programs

Beginning the summer after 5th grade, Buffalo Prep’s unique pipeline of programs helps academically ambitious students of color succeed in all levels of education.

Prep Scholars Academy

Prep Scholars Academy is a neighborhood-based summer enrichment program offered to students seeking to succeed in high school and pursue a college education.

Middle School Prep

Middle School Prep is an accelerated program offered the summers after fifth and sixth grade and on Saturdays throughout the seventh grade academic year.

High School Prep

High School Prep is a rigorous 14-month academic enrichment program that prepares students to enter competitive college preparatory high schools.

College Prep

College Prep provides academic support, college advisement, enrichment opportunities, and socio-emotional counseling throughout high school as students transition into higher education.

Alumni Prep

Alumni Prep supports Buffalo Prep graduates through post-secondary education and career placement, providing services including career exploration and development, internships, leadership and enrichment workshops, scholarship assistance, and mentoring.