Buffalo Prep’s READI program is a series of workshops, trainings, and presentations to promote educational and racial equity throughout our community. 

Community READI Series

Buffalo Prep offers a series of READI workshops to the community that is designed to encourage a deeper examination of climate and policies that will provide opportunities for all voices to be involved in meaningful discussion and action planning. We invite you to attend any or all of the following virtual presentations depending on your interests. The modules offered are designed to build off of one another. If you participate in all six modules, you will receive a Prep Equity Academy certificate of completion.

Stay tuned for our 2022/2023 Community READI Series Schedule!

Workshop Examples:

A,B,Cs of DEI: This module will discuss foundational concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion such as the difference between equity and equality and why we should strive for inclusion and not simply diversity. This module is useful for anyone who is just beginning their exploration of DEI issues.

Historical Aspects of Systemic Racism, Part 1: Poverty Myths of WNY: This module will examine poverty in Western New York.  We will discuss many issues that contribute to poverty in the Buffalo-Niagara region as well as well as several real-life implications for people who live in poverty.

Historical Aspects of Systemic Racism, Part 2: Segregation in WNY: This module is a continuation of “Poverty Myths of WNY” but examines the intersectionality between race and poverty.  We will also examine historic and contemporary systemic factors that continue to contribute to segregation in Buffalo and its suburbs.

Microaggressions: This module will discuss the phenomena of microaggressions, often referred to as death by a thousand paper cuts.  We will explore how microaggressions appear in everyday life and we will discuss strategies to combat microaggressions.

Privilege and Power: This module will discuss the current structures in our society that grant privilege and power to certain groups of people and marginalize others.  We will discuss how to recognize these structures and how to begin encouraging a more equitable distribution of power in our spheres of influence.

21st Century Racism: How Racism Shows Up Today: This module will explore the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that systemic racism affects everyday life in America.  We will discuss issues that range from health disparities to the criminal justice system and the many ways in which racial inequity affects us all.


Engaging in Active Antiracism: This module will feature an in-depth discussion of many of the major concepts of Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Anti-Racist.  Though it is not a prerequisite to have read the book previous to attending the module, for participants who have already read the book, there will be ample opportunity to begin and/or continue robust conversation on some of the more challenging topics. We will also examine how to use the concepts in our own personal anti-racist journeys.

Policy – What is it and how do we shape it? This module will explore the definition of policy and discuss how to recognize inequitable policies in our work-place and community.  We will also examine ways to shape policy in our everyday lives.

Companies, schools, organizations, peer and networking groups also have the opportunity to work with Buffalo Prep staff to customize a training/series of trainings to further their understanding of these issues and topics. 

READI Module Examples:

  • Defining the Good Student and the Legitimacy of Knowledge/Language
  • Changing vs. Fixing Systems
  • Excellence in Diversity
  • Culture of White Supremacy
  • Having Critical Conversations
  • Understanding White Privilege
  • Microaggressions: Identifying and Understanding the Trauma 
  • Historical Aspects of Systemic Racism
  • Building Equitable Policies that Foster All Voices
  • Grading for Equity
  • Economic Implications of Racial and Educational Inequity 
  • Challenging Implicit Biases

Buffalo Prep asks for a minimum donation for our staff and faculty to assist you in customizing your workshops and facilitating the presentations.  Your support enables us to continue our mission and to serve our scholars!

Are you READI?  Contact Patti Stephen at pstephen@buffaloprep.org to start the conversation today!

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