Buffalo Prep is accepting applications from eligible 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students!

Applying Online? 

Be prepared to finish the application when you start. You will not be able to save the work and return later. The parent portion takes only 15-20 minutes.

There is a section of the application that has questions for the student to answer. This section can be skipped if the student is not available at the time you complete the application. We can mail a copy of the student questions to your home.

We’ve included fields where you can upload required documents such as the first 3 pages of the 2020 taxes, the final report card from the 2020-21 school year and the most current report card for the 2021-22 school year. Progress reports will NOT be considered.

Requirements for application to be completed: 

  • First 3 pages of 2020 taxes
  • Final report card for 2020-21 school year
  • Current report card for 2021-22 school year-progress reports will NOT be considered
  • Attendance at an information session
  • High School Prep applicants and a parent/guardian are required to sit for an interview
  • Two completed teacher recommendations. Please note that teacher recommendations should be sent directly from the teacher to the Buffalo Prep Admissions Office.

If you are not prepared to upload anything you can skip to the next section. You can submit the application without the required documents but it will not be considered complete until you submit all of the documents to the admissions office.

Click the links below to print a PDF of the application and/or required documents.

Full Program Application

Teacher Recommendations

Scholar Questions

Report Card Request

Submit By Mail: 

Buffalo Prep
Attn: Admissions Office
3485 Main St. 105 Allen Hall
University of Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14214

Submit By Email:

Submit By Fax: 716-829-2735; Attn: Admissions Office

Submit In Person: 3458 Main St. 105 Allen Hall. Our office is open from 9am-7pm Monday-Thursday and from 9am-1pm on Friday.

Please call us at 716-829-2108 if you have any questions.

If your scholar is currently ineligible for Buffalo Prep but you would like to learn more, please complete the Admissions Interest Form.

Frequently Asked Questions – Applying 

How do I nominate a student?

If you know a 5th, 6th, or 7th grade student who would benefit from Buffalo Prep, you can nominate them by visiting

How do I apply? 

Applications become available in November for the programs that begin the following July. Applications are due for High School Prep on March 1st and for Prep Scholars Academy and Middle School Prep on April 1st. Learn more about the application process here. 

What do I need to include with my application?

A complete application includes:

  • Student’s most recent report card and the final report card from the previous academic year – progress reports will NOT be accepted
  • Proof of income: 2020 federal tax return(s) for each parent/guardian financially responsible for the applicant
  • Two teacher recommendations
  • A parent/guardian or family representative MUST attend an information session for an application to be considered. You can sign-up here.
  • A High School Prep applicant and a parent/guardian are required to attend an interview and sit for an admissions test. 

What if I don’t have my tax form done? 

Provide us with the most current tax information that you have. You may also provide us with information about any benefits that you receive from the state. This will help us determine if you are eligible based on our income guidelines. 

What report cards are required? 

The final report card from the previous year is REQUIRED along with the most current report card (progress reports will not take the place of a report card). If you submit a first quarter report card with the application, further in the admissions process we may request a more recent report card. 

When will I know if my student is accepted? 

Buffalo Prep will send out information on acceptance by the end of May. 

What program am I eligible for? 

Middle School Prep (post-5th – 6th grade) 

Middle School Prep (MSP) provides talented underrepresented students from across Western New York with accelerated academic enrichment during the crucial middle school years and prepares students for success in college preparatory high schools and higher education. MSP takes place at Nichols Middle School the summers after 5th and 6th grades. 

Prep Scholars Academy (post-5th through 12th grade)

Prep Scholars Academy (PSA) is a five-week summer program with a culturally relevant and fun, engaging learning environment offered to students seeking to succeed in high school and pursue a college education. PSA offers admissions preference for Hispanic/Latino students and bilingual instruction in Spanish. The program begins the summer after 5th grade and will help students transition into high school, providing academic preparation, student and family support. 

High School Prep (post-7th and post-8th grade) 

High School Prep (HSP) prepares talented underrepresented students from across Western New York for acceptance to and success at top independent, Catholic, and criteria-based public schools and higher education. HSP is a 14-month accelerated academic enrichment program that takes place at the University at Buffalo South Campus the summers before and after 8th grade, as well as two nights per week and Saturdays during the 8th grade academic year. 

For more information on Prep Scholars Academy, Middle School Prep, and High School Prep admissions, please contact Elizabeth Guzman, Admissions and Recruitment Manager, at or 716-829-2108.