Prep Scholars Academy

Prep Scholars Academy (PSA) is a neighborhood-based culturally relevant academic program designed to help scholars excel throughout middle school and prepare them for high school.  This exciting, engaging, and active learning program strives to help scholars transition into and complete high school by providing academic preparation, as well as scholar and family support. PSA takes place in the heart of the West Side at D’Youville University; it gives preference to Hispanic/Latino scholars and offers bilingual instruction.

Scholars can enroll in this five-week summer program the summer after 5th grade and continue with their cohort each year until the summer after 8th grade.  Scholars who successfully complete PSA will be supported through Buffalo Prep’s College Prep program during high school.

Extended enrichment

Prep Bridge

Prep Bridge is designed for scholars who wish to stay connected to their peers in a fun and accelerated learning environment throughout their 7th grade school year. This culturally relevant, academic enrichment program helps scholars to excel during middle school as they consider applying for the competitive High School Prep program. Scholars who completed a Buffalo Prep post-6th grade summer program have the opportunity to apply to Prep Bridge, which takes place on Saturdays at the University at Buffalo South Campus.


Enrichment classes will have bilingual instruction (English/Spanish) and focus on English language arts, mathematics, history, and science.  Prep Scholars Academy will have an engaging, active learning environment that fosters leadership and character development and will follow Buffalo Prep’s culturally relevant curriculum that celebrates different heritages, languages, and practices to empower students and families.  Learn more about Buffalo Prep’s curriculum here.