Prep Scholars Academy

Prep Scholars Academy is a community-based summer enrichment program offered to students seeking to succeed in high school and pursue a college education.  Prep Scholars Academy takes place on Buffalo’s West Side and gives preference to Hispanic/Latino students.


The program begins the summer after 5th grade with a five-week summer session and will continue each summer throughout the crucial middle school years until 9th grade, helping students transition into high school by providing academic preparation and student and family support.   Students who successfully complete Prep Scholars Academy will be supported through Buffalo Prep’s College Prep program during high school.

Enrichment classes will have bilingual instruction (English/Spanish) and focus on English language arts, mathematics, history, and science.  Prep Scholars Academy will have an engaging, active learning environment that fosters leadership and character development and will follow Buffalo Prep’s culturally relevant curriculum that celebrates different heritages, languages, and practices to empower students and families.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.