High School Prep

High School Prep prepares talented underrepresented students from across Western New York for acceptance to and success at top independent, Catholic, and criteria-based public schools and higher education. High School Prep is a unique 14-month accelerated academic enrichment program that takes place at the University at Buffalo South Campus the summers before and after 8th grade, as well as two nights per week and Saturdays during the 8th grade academic year.

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Buffalo Prep’s culturally relevant-sustaining philosophy is centered around three pillars: academic excellence, cultural competence, and critical consciousness.  Culturally relevant and sustaining curricula seek to encourage and incorporate a breadth of heritages, languages, practices, and literacies in the classroom so that students see themselves in the material and are empowered.

Students begin taking classes on the University at Buffalo South Campus for six weeks during the summer after seventh grade. During their eighth grade school year, students continue the program on Tuesday and Thursday nights after school and on Saturdays. The program concludes with a six-week summer program after eighth grade.

High School Prep students receive rigorous accelerated subject matter in four core classes: English language arts, mathematics, science, and global history.  At Buffalo Prep, we recognize that a student’s academic abilities and accomplishments are only one aspect of thriving as a student and individual.  During L.I.F.E. class, students focus on social-emotional wellness, professional skills, and other non-academic topics necessary for health, happiness, and success in the 21st century school and workplace. In addition, students develop competencies in problem solving, writing, scientific inquiry, critical thinking, time management, and computer and academic skills (e.g., note-taking, active reading, daily review, and test preparation).

Partner schools

We partner with the 14 consortium high schools in the Education Collaborative of WNY as well as criteria-based public schools and charter schools that offer nearly $500,000 in financial aid to High School Prep graduates each year. Buffalo Prep, in turn, provides these schools with the opportunity to embrace a more diverse student body, which helps all students, families, and staff members forge relationships that transcend racial, ethnic, and economic boundaries. This diversity helps to prepare all students for colleges and workplaces that are becoming more representative of the greater diverse community.

We are proud to partner with:
Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School
Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart
Buffalo Seminary
Canisius High School
Cardinal O’Hara High School
City Honors School
Leonardo da Vinci High School
The Gow School
Hutchinson Central Technical High School
Mount Mercy Academy
Mount Saint Mary Academy
Nardin Academy
Nichols School
Frederick Law Olmsted School
The Park School of Buffalo
St. Francis High School
St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute
St. Mary’s High School
Tapestry Charter School

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